How Strong Is a Steel Storage Container?

If you’re thinking about buying or renting a steel storage container, you may be wondering just how strong they really are? After all, you need to be able to rest easy knowing that the containers intended contents are kept safe and secure, without having to worry about whether the units are going to break during transport.

The first thing to realize is that most steel containers are made using corrugated weathering steel, an incredibly strong and durable material which makes up most (if not all) of the unit. Some steel storage containers will have wooden floors, with a few even using wooden frames as a base upon which to build their metallic shells. The exact design will depend on what the containers use is going to be, as well as what environment it will mostly find itself living within, though they all share a common bond in that they are built to be as sturdy as possible.

Depending on what you need the container for, it’s possible you’re not only concerned about the amount of weight the individual unit can handle internally during transport, but also how much weight the structure can hold externally as well (because typically steel storage containers are stacked on top of each other during long haul shipping).

As a rough guide, a typical 20ft steel container can hold about 22,000 kg (just under 55,000 lbs) worth of goods, whilst supporting around 86,400 kg worth of external weight (190,486 lbs), with special fixtures allowing external weight loads to grow up to 125,000 kg (275,580 lbs). Increasing the size of the containers doesn’t necessarily mean you will see a significant increase in the amount of weight it can hold, instead if you need a unit capable of carrying a heavier load, you will need to look into getting a specialized model.

However for the most part, whether you need to transport cars, computers or cookers, standard steel storage containers can handle almost anything you want to put in them.

If you’re worried about the goods getting damaged during the shipping stages, don’t be, as long as you secure them properly on the inside then everything will work out fine. The corrugated weathering steel used to construct the containment units is designed so as to be particularly resilient to the knocks and bumps that inevitably occur during transport, whilst also offering fantastic protection against wind, rain, hail and even sea spray.

So in response to the question, how strong is a steel storage container? The answer is that steel containers are extremely strong and incredibly durable, which is why for decades they’ve been the number one unit of choice for transporting goods all over the world.

If you have more questions about steel storage containers, contact your local steel storage container dealer.

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