Use A Storage Container To Store Child Keepsakes

I still remember the first time my preschool daughter brought home an art project. It was misshapen and had glitter covering every square inch, and it was the most wonderful thing I’d ever seen.

Parents everywhere feel the sharp pull of heartstrings when their children bring home schoolwork and art projects. They can see the effort that went into creating the simple things, and the pride felt by the child for their hard work. While every single creation can’t be held for posterity, what’s a parent to do when they want to catalogue their child’s growth and development?

My solution was to get a storage container for each child to hold their treasures. I really wanted to maintain their things until they were old enough to enjoy reflecting back over their childhood.

I decided to use one storage container per child, per period. I sent with Pre-K for all the years before kindergarten, E for elementary school, M for middle school and HS for high school. I chose 50 gallon storage containers because I knew I had to fit everything produced within a number of years inside the bin.

I went a fun route and used brightly colored permanent markers to write the name of each child on the outside of the storage container. Since we often get too many school portraits, I taped a small wallet-sized photo on the outside of the storage container for each year. I found that also made it easier to go back and find something special I was looking for because I could associate it with a stage of life represented by the photo.

It’s not rocket science, but my storage container method is an inexpensive and quick way to store childhood memories while also keeping them chronologically organized.

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