Public Self Storage

Public Self Storage
By Mark Middleton

Public self-storage businesses help people and companies alike to store anything that they do not have room for at their home or place of business. Considering the high degree of security at a public storage facility, renters will feel safe that their property will not be tampered with while being stored. This type of storage also presents many conveniences to people who have property stored because they can get to their belongings any time they want to without the need of a storage associate helping them. Moving things into the facility can also be done very easily by asking for help from the storage facility.

The type of units you have to choose from range in size and price. The larger the unit that you are renting the more it will cost. Usually there is a basic cost per square foot that is reflected by all units. Other factors that might affect the price are if the unit is temperature controlled, and you can get specialty units that fit your exact requirements. If you needing to store large items, such as a boat or RV, there are lot spaces that can either be covered or uncovered that you can rent out. One thing that might help out the pricing is if you plan to rent the storage space for an extended period of time. The longer you sign on to use the facility, the lower the rate.

For large companies or corporations that need very large storage units and truck access, public self-storage facilities offer freight delivery options. This means there are areas for full sized semis to back into so the offloading process is not a nightmare. Most businesses have a lot of papers and files to store but need special containers and temperature regulated units in order to keep the paper in good condition. Your storage facility can rent out these containers and offer you completely heated and cooled units for any of your company storage needs.

The main concern of anyone who is putting their belongings in storage is safety. All public storage facilities are completely monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. Other security measures involve using special key cards to enter the facility, fencing, and a security guard. The facility wants to keep your belongings safe and wants to keep you as a satisfied customer. If you are looking for the most convenient and safe storage arrangement as possible, you should choose a local public self-storage.

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