Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Office

Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Office
By Joseph P Malleck

Shipping containers, we all have seen them, big, metal, sometimes ugly shipping containers on boats, trains and semi-trucks bringing cargo from one place to the next. These days, however these shipping containers are being used for a variety of purposes. From simple storage containers to keep things out of the elements and safe from theft, to laboratories, even housing!

Professional offices are being built out of these containers as well. These offices have a variety of benefits for a number of industries including the oil industry, mining, gas, construction and many other agricultural industries. Why? Because they’re so heavy duty. They are much stronger than a wood built office, and can really take a beating.

For example, normally a construction contractor would have a trailer that would double as an office. The problem is, that these do not stand the test of time. With the rough and tumble nature of the construction industry trailers can’t take the abuse, and sometimes only last for one project-costing the contractor quite a bit of money. Shipping containers, on the other hand are made of solid steel. These containers can take the abuse of heavy industry making them the more economical in the long run.

You may be thinking that a steel container that has been transformed into an office might be like having your office in a cold, dark cave. Not true! The fact is that these containers can be modified to fit your exact needs. Complete with custom finishes like crown molding, baseboards, hardwood floors etc. Storage container offices can be fully insulated and heated as well. Windows and doors can be put in your container too.

And don’t think that you have to stick with the standard shipping container size either. They can be joined together to create large office areas. Really, there is no limit to the size of your potential office. Containers can be stacked as well to build multi-level units. Even if you’re looking for something smaller, a good shipping container modification company can cut the container down to size to fit your exact specifications. This makes it very versatile for many situations and industries.

Having a professional office space is important to any industry. For the mining, oil and construction industries it’s doubly important to have an office that can take a serious beating. These containers are just the solution for these industries, and provide a cost effective way to get an office that stands the test of time.

Joe writes about shipping containers and how they can be used in a variety of unconventional ways to solve a many problems.

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