Self-Storage: What To Do?

By Kelvin A Smith

Self-storage can prove to be useful on a number of occasions. You might want to renovate your house or office, or you might be in the process of relocating. Thus, you will need some place to store your things. This is when self-storage comes in handy. However, you need to look into a few things while storing your items:

Make Lists: Before jumping into storing, make lists of the things that you need for packing, for instance, boxes, wraps, tape, pens, etc. Also, make a list of the items you want to store and categorize them accordingly. If you are stumped about how to store your items, contact a storehouse expert.

Conduct a Thorough Search: Do not choose the first storage facility that you find. Look around and visit a few storage facilities to see which services they offer. Good storage facility will offer a plethora of services.

Read the Contract Carefully: Before signing the contract, read it carefully to ensure that you are familiar with all the clauses, thus preventing any misunderstanding between you and the company. Clarify/discuss anything that you find confusing or erroneous.

Transportation: Transporting items to the facility is an important part of the process. Ask the company if they render moving services. Some companies will move your items free of charge while others will charge you a small fee.
Organization Within The Storage Unit

Once you have gone through the steps given above, and your items have reached the storage facility, you need to organize your items within the storage unit to ensure ease of access and maximum utilization of space. Put the larger items on the bottom, with the smaller ones on top. Similarly, place the items that you need most at the front.

While organizing, ask the experts for advice: During the physical process of storing your items, ask the company’s employees for help. Since they are more experienced than you, they will provide you with some useful tips and help you save some time and space.

Make sure that your things are properly protected. Before locking your unit, make sure that you have protected your items well. In other words, you could place wooden boards or pallets on the storage floor to make sure that there will be no scratching, and make sure that individual items have been packed properly. For instance, mirrors and china should be packed in protective layers of bubble wrap or papers.

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