Ways To Use Self Storage For Business


It is no longer a secret that today, many enterprising people are using self storage as a place to keep their stocks. Whether they’re startups or have already established their business, many are finding storage facilities helpful, affordable and convenient.

Business owners who have stocks to keep often use self storage these days over renting a commercial space. Those who do business online are regular customers as well. With no physical shop to show their products, owners prefer to store their stocks in facilities where they can be kept safe round the clock.

Here are some ideas on the types of business that can benefit from these storage facilities.

Wedding Gowns and Suits for Hire

Most probably, you have a brick and mortar shop where you display samples of wedding gowns and suits for couples wanting to get married. But if you have a limited space and you have items that don’t need to be displayed at your shop or are in the off hire, it’s a good idea to store them in self storage. This way, you maintain a commercial area free from clutter and keep your items in a safe place.

Make sure you use rails and hangers and you install shelves in the unit to organize everything there. Separate the gowns from the other outfits for easy access and ensure that they’re covered properly. You don’t want them to gather dust there, would you?

An option if you have extra budget is to rent a climate controlled unit. This is if you feel your items are delicate and need to be well protected from extreme changes in temperature.

Vintage Home Decors and Furniture

If you’re operating an online business and are selling medium to large size items, it may help you to rent a self storage unit. You will definitely need a safe place to keep your stocks and a storage facility is a perfect solution.

Some entrepreneurs who sell vintage items on the internet enjoy their business success. By conveniently selling their stuff in the comfort of their own, it’s so easy to just get what your customers ordered and then ship them right away after leaving the facility. No need to stock them up in your home.

Music Lessons

If you’re passion is teaching young people to play musical instruments, you can set up a studio at a self storage unit. Just make sure you are clear first about the policy of the facility. Ask the staff or the manager if they allow a unit to be used as a studio where you do your music lessons.

Normally, facilities don’t mind what you do with your unit as long as you don’t disturb the other tenants and you pay your monthly fee promptly. At least with this set up, you have a fixed place where your students can go to in order to pursue their music lessons. You just need to set a specific time during which to do them.

You may have other business ideas in mind other than these. What’s important is you ask the facility’s management first about their rules and regulations in using their units.

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