Should I Buy A Used Storage Trailer Or A New Storage Trailer?

The economic weakness is still very much alive in the faces of the millions who are still jobless and are mired in debt. And while businesses are slowly pulling up, this does not mean that business owners can already relax. The call to continue whatever cost saving measures they have started during the recession remains. This is also true for private individuals. Somehow, everyone seems to have learned the art and skill of smart shopping. And when purchasing goods, especially if it’s a major one, be it for business or home use, a buyer evaluates his options carefully before any final decision is made. If you are in need or a storage trailer, one of the primary questions that you have to answer with careful thought is whether you should by a used storage trailer or a new one.

If your budget is limitless on a storage trailer, there is not much of a question. In fact, you won’t lose much if you want to sell them later because its value depreciates very slowly. However, if you have budget constraints, choosing to buy the used storage trailer can still be a great option. New storage containers usually cost thousands of dollars. A basic 20′ unit can cost from $1,000 to $4,000 or more while a 40′ storage units can be bought for $1,400 to $5,400. Buying a used storage trailer, on the other hand, reduces cost to about 30% to 50%. There are thousands of suppliers of used trailer trucks and finding good units is not so impossible. What most vendors do is to buy used trailer and find a good repairman to fix it up. Repair works can include replacing of any broken part, ensuring its water tightness and repainting it. Trailers have a useful life of twenty years and there is just a need for regular maintenance.

You also have several options for a used storage trailer. There are lower end units which often connote the ‘as is’ condition, have a few add-ons but without any guarantee against water and fire damage. Expect this to be cheaper than the higher end ones which are fully reconditioned and include the features and functionality of a brand new model. End users of used trailers are mid to small size firms, private carriers and trucking companies. New trailers are usually catering to national companies and major haul carriers because of the five year warranty, accelerated depreciation, lower maintenance cost and company image. Generally, they sell these new trailers after every 5 to 7 years which implies that they are still in good condition, carrying at least 75% of its useful life. Looking at all these basics, buying a used storage trailer is a great cost saving alternative.

Used storage trailers are best if money is an issue. A new storage trailer depreciates slowly so it’s a good investment.

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