Cold Storage Container

You have probably heard of storage containers before, they are becoming an increasingly popular method of industrial storage. They come in many different sizes and can be used for a wide range of applications. A slightly different type is the Cold Storage Container.

Cold Storage Containers are refrigerated with variable temperature controls, they are usually capable of temperatures ranging between -15 degrees to 75 degrees (Fahrenheit). They are quite versatile and can be placed outside or inside at docking height or on the ground. They provide refrigeration that is environmentally friendly (ozone safe).

The larger size containers usually have strong hard wearing floor, this floor is capable of withstanding the weight of forklift trucks which makes them great for industrial uses.

Due to their refrigerating properties Cold Store Units are most suited for applications and industries including fast food chains, pharmaceutical manufacturers, supermarkets, caterers and food processors.

Not only are the containers available as free standing units but cold stores can also be available as trailers, the trailers are extremely portable and can be placed almost anywhere. They come with a tow bar attached and due to their mobility can be towed by pretty much any vehicle with a tow bar. (You do not need a powerful van or truck to transport these units.)

These containers are available for purchase however due to the reasons for using them and the fact they are more than often on a short term basis, a lot of companies offer these out for hire and that seems to be the most popular choice.

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Today's Storage Container Features

Storage containers have come a long way from the 1830’s when they were mostly used to store coal. They were referred to as “loose boxes” and were made of wood. By the 1900’s, storage containers were made of iron and had a closed top design to enable better transportation between road, rail, and sea. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that it was realized unloading goods from trucks would be much more efficient if they could unload a container, then remove the goods. This enabled the truck to be unloaded and be on its way to pick up another load of goods in a fraction of the time it would have taken. In the 60 years since, the storage container has changed with the times.

During the first 20 years of containerization, there were no industry standards. This caused some incompatibility issues between the cargo container and the mode of transportation. Between 1968 and 1970, industry standards were created to alleviate any incompatibility issues.

Today’s shipping container can store anything from televisions to automobiles to perishable goods. The climate inside the shipping container can be manipulated to ensure the goods inside are safe from the elements. If you only need ventilation, intake vents will allow air flow into the container, and outtake vents will reduce excessive heat and humidity. Storage containers are weather resistant and in some cases, rust resistant.

Storage container companies are very innovative in container design and security. Tri-cam locking systems are tops in cargo container security. The system involves three solid steel interior bars, hidden lever, padlock pocket, hidden 6 pin tumblers, and hardened steel construction which makes it virtually drill and pry resistant. The doors can be located on one end or both ends of the container. Side doors can be installed as well.

The standard shipping container width is 8 feet. Lengths vary from 5 feet to 45 feet and everywhere in between. Optional partitions can be installed to segment the container in half or into thirds or fourths. Side doors are installed with each partition making each segment independent of each other. Shelving and removable ramps can be used to easily handle and organize goods. Extra wide storage containers are about 10.5 feet wide which makes them perfect for stacking pallets side by side.

It’s hard to imagine the advancements that will be made to the container in the years to come. The advancements will depend on the innovative ways consumers choose to use the storage container in the future.

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Why a Portable Storage Container Is a Better Solution!

A portable storage container may just be the next best innovation in Moving and Storage. This company combines the best features of a moving truck and a storage unit combined into one, exceptional service. This is a completely customize-able and flexible solution for your Household and Business moving and self-storage requirements. A portable storage container can be delivered to your home or business whenever you need it and picked up whenever you are ready for it! These next-generation moving companies ensures that you can rest easy knowing your possessions will be secure because of its lockable, heavy-duty and weather-proof, all-steel construction.

Got stuff? Get a Portable Storage Container! At one time or another, everyone needs some extra storage space. How about storage space that’s simple, portable and exceedingly convenient? Now that’s a little harder to come by but they deliver. Whether you’re looking for local or long-distance moving and/or storage, a portable storage container may just be the perfect solution!

Simple – You say when and where, and the storage unit is delivered to your door. No more hunting for a local self-storage facility and paying outrageous monthly charges, not to mention hauling all your stuff there and back.

Convenient – Keep the container in your driveway or on your property for 24/7 access. If you don’t want the unit to stay, simply call them and they will offload it to their climate-controlled storage warehouse. Want to Move Without the Pain and Aggravation? Whether you’re moving across town or clear across the country, a mobile storage unit lets you get the job done on your own terms. You can now take your time packing and unpacking and not worry about picking up and dropping off a moving truck. Once you get to your new location, if you still need to store a few things they will move the container to their warehouse.

They offer their customers a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee and a Patented Transport System unique in the industry. No time constraints – Fill your portable storage container on your own time, at your own pace. No steep ramps – Your heavy furniture and boxes will move easily into these portable storage units. At the end of the day, your back will thank you. No driving – Once you’ve got the portable storage container filled, just tell the storage facility your new address and they will take care of the rest. Forget about driving that huge moving truck down the highway at a snail’s pace. Secure – Only you [the customer] hold the key to YOUR portable storage container, so lock it up and enjoy peace of mind while your possessions are on their way to their new destination! The Portable storage units are also weather protected, ensuring your items will stay clean, dry and safe during moving and also storage. So, whether you are ready to make that big move or just need a secure place to stash your stuff, a portable storage container is the very best way to get it done!

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Use A Storage Container To Store Child Keepsakes

I still remember the first time my preschool daughter brought home an art project. It was misshapen and had glitter covering every square inch, and it was the most wonderful thing I’d ever seen.

Parents everywhere feel the sharp pull of heartstrings when their children bring home schoolwork and art projects. They can see the effort that went into creating the simple things, and the pride felt by the child for their hard work. While every single creation can’t be held for posterity, what’s a parent to do when they want to catalogue their child’s growth and development?

My solution was to get a storage container for each child to hold their treasures. I really wanted to maintain their things until they were old enough to enjoy reflecting back over their childhood.

I decided to use one storage container per child, per period. I sent with Pre-K for all the years before kindergarten, E for elementary school, M for middle school and HS for high school. I chose 50 gallon storage containers because I knew I had to fit everything produced within a number of years inside the bin.

I went a fun route and used brightly colored permanent markers to write the name of each child on the outside of the storage container. Since we often get too many school portraits, I taped a small wallet-sized photo on the outside of the storage container for each year. I found that also made it easier to go back and find something special I was looking for because I could associate it with a stage of life represented by the photo.

It’s not rocket science, but my storage container method is an inexpensive and quick way to store childhood memories while also keeping them chronologically organized.

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Can Shelving Be Installed in My Storage Container?

When your thinking about buying storage containers, you should make sure that you get the best one for your needs and that will fit your budget. Containers come in handy for a number of different uses. The storage containers now have different design which helping customers to made modification if they request to do so… In today’s society the use of the Steel cargo containers have a great impact on day to day life. The main reason why people go for using the them is that they are very durable and also easy to use. They also acts as a barrier against any pollution or dust when stored inside. So let us have a look at shelving of the storage containers.


I think everyone might be aware of the shelves which are used to keep books in the rack. Shelving helps us to keep the things organized in a proper way. Hence, you might have heard the question of whether shelving can be installed in your storage container. The answer is “Yes.” You can always have shelving installed in your storage container. The shelving can be high or even low as you require and it can meet any specification. So, you do not have to worry a bit when you go for installing the shelving in your storage container. Now coming to the other reason why people go for using storage container is that it helps a lot in saving space because you can keep all kind of things in the container.

Cost of shelving

If you are worried whether installation of the shelving in the storage container would lead you to spend a lot of money, then you need not worry at all. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get the shelving installed in your storage container. You will be glad to know that even a child can go for using storage containers provided he knows the basic on how to do it.

It is due to its portability that storage containers are in high demand nowadays. Now you could find storage containers that have wheels that can be pushed to the required location. So it has become very easy to relocate things from one room to another. The storage containers are readily available in the market. So, you need not have to visit from one store to other in order to get it.

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Top 5 Things To Know When Buying A Flatbed Trailer

Do you have a hard time picking out stuff when you want to buy it? If you are like some people the more choices and options you have for a product the more confused you can get. There can be just too many options you don’t understand for you to make a choice on what to buy.

When buying a flatbed trailer it is the same way. You will come across a ton of options and features from all the manufacturers trying to get you to buy their trailers. In this article I am going to discuss the top 5 things you need to know when buying a flatbed trailer.

One thing you need to know is how long the flatbed trailer needs to be. You need to know the length of the stuff you will be hauling most often so you can make an educated decision on just how long the trailer needs to be to hold your cargo.

The next thing you need to know is how wide your trailer needs to be. Trailers come in a few different widths so you will need to know how wide your cargo will be in order to pick out your trailer. I would go larger than you need though so it can be more than a single use trailer.

Another thing you need to know is how heavily rated you need your trailer. According to how heavy of payload you plan to haul you will need your trailer to be able to hold the load. Make sure you get it built to hold the weight you need it to.

The next thing you need to know is whether you want gooseneck or bumper hitch style trailers. Bumper hitch are more common but turn harder and back up harder. They will also ride bumpier. Gooseneck are the best kind of trailer in my opinion.

The final thing you need to know is whether you need more than 1 set of axles. This goes along with what I said above about how heavily built you need your trailer. Having more axles can help you stop better because each axle will have its own breaks. Buying a trailer can be hard but hopefully this list has helped you.

Flatbed trailers can be found through your local trailer dealer.

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What Is a Cargo Storage Container?

A cargo storage container, as its name suggests is a type of large steel structure that is most commonly used as a containment unit for shipping cargo around the world. These types of storage containers come in a variety of sizes and can be used for a number of different purposes.

Whilst it is true that cargo containers are most often used for shipping purposes. Due to their resilient weatherproof natures and extremely dense steel shells, they also provide a perfect solution for people with fixed (or semi fixed) locational storage needs. As a result, they are often used by builders to protect their tools at work sites, as well as being offered as rental options by storage management facilities across the country.

Another fairly common use for cargo storage container units is that of providing a temporary workspace, which normally takes the form of huts and offices. This can be achieved, because it’s possible to adapt the containers so that they have smaller doors, windows and fittings for power sockets. These units are sturdier than trailers, as well as costing considerably less money to buy, rent and maintain. Which makes them an ideal solution for businesses that find themselves in need of a durable non-permanent outdoor structure.

Steel cargo containers are available in various sizes, but most often they come in 10, 20 and 40 foot models. Standard containers are all 7 foot wide and 7 foot high, so when referring to the size of any specific unit, what is actually being referenced is the length. Almost all cargo containers will start life as shipping units, but the 10 and 20 foot varieties are the ones that often make multiple trips, whilst the 40 footers see more use as storage and office facilities.

The frames from which cargo storage container units are built can prove to be extremely versatile. It is not only possible to include room for electronic fittings and windows (in the case of office use), but these kind of containers can also be fitted with temperature controls, as well as a range of options in regards to entrances for the unit. Cargo doors (a swinging set of doors secured by a bolt) are the accepted standard, though roll up doors are favored for semi-fixed storage facilities, whilst walk in doors are the kind normally fitted for units being used as work-spaces.

Cargo storage containers are available to rent or buy. Be warned though, only very large shipping companies ever buy storage containers brand new. There are always many cheap, fully refurbished, second hand models available on the market for business use, whilst people with personal self storage needs tend to be better off sticking with rentals.

If you have more questions about cargo storage containers, contact your local cargo container dealer.

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Are You Considering Financing a Truck Semi Trailer?

It can be quite difficult locating any good financing opportunities in today’s market for a truck semi trailer, as the more conventional methods of obtaining financing, such as through banks and lending institutions have started drying up. It is next to impossible to find financing, much less good financing on any type of commercial truck trailer. Lenders have had to change their lending practices and that normally means the terms of a loan are out of reach for the average consumer. This has caused many people to turn to the locations where repossessions and off lease trucks and trailers are, which is called the secondary markets.

Surprisingly, these secondary markets are actually the same lenders that you were dealing with in the past, in most cases. It just so happens that many of these lenders now have an excess of inventory on their books and they desperately need to get those reefer trailers, dump truck trailers and every other piece of equipment back out on the road where they will make them some money. These in-house inventories are obviously non-income producing, which puts pressure on the lenders to make deals with consumers.

The deals offered can be either a lower price or perhaps a lower annual percentage rate, or sometimes it may be a combination of both. What happens is that customers will return off lease truck trailer rentals or perhaps their rented semi trailers, because their leases have expired and they did not want to go with the buyout option that is available at the end of the lease. Now the lender has to recondition the truck semi trailer or whatever was returned, and then they have to either re-lease them or sell them.

Some lenders will offer previous semi truck repossessions or off lease used flatbed trailers to buyers with a very low credit score, some as low as 525. This gives a new company the chance to start up or will give an existing business a chance to grow and expand, even with bad credit.

This kind of opportunity would not have even been considered a short time ago, nor would lenders have offered a company or individual with good references or a decent income to finance a truck semi trailer without having to go through a credit check. Perhaps there was a time when lenders would have offered an extended period of time to repay the loan but it would only have to been to someone with excellent credit, not fair credit.

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Waterproof Storage Container

Waterproof storage containers have become much sought after all over the world. Different in dimensions from the twenty foot by eight foot in most cases about identical (eight foot) tall, utilized shipping and delivery or marine storage units, also known as ‘connex’ or simply just storage units or containers, would be the favored option for many people.

Utilised by trips, building corporations, exploration outfits as well as Mom and Pop companies, these types of storage containers are not just seen water resistant but, constructed out of metal and also made to endure the rigours of sea journey, they’re just sturdy and safe also.

They may be outfitted with plastic-type pallet floor covering to help to keep the things kept within both equally waterless and very easily taken off. At the same time, container bins and storage containers are generally very easily shifted in and out from the big dual gates.

These types of completely lockable doors open a complete two seventy degrees preparing the unit the perfect commercial storage units.

A lot more waterproofing could be obtained simply by covering the top of the container along with CGI, Perspex or other impervious sheeting materials. Actually a poly or fabric tarpaulin may be used to preserve the water resistant condition of the container and protect goods inside from water ingress and destruction.

The inner surface waterproofing of the container could be improved by closing the stitches along with commercial items or simply just by keeping the items in plastic material, covered percussion or containers instead of cardboard boxes or neglected wood chests.

If you are looking for waterproof storage containers, you can check out it at plastic storage shed for different type of water resistant boxes and containers.

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How Strong Is a Steel Storage Container?

If you’re thinking about buying or renting a steel storage container, you may be wondering just how strong they really are? After all, you need to be able to rest easy knowing that the containers intended contents are kept safe and secure, without having to worry about whether the units are going to break during transport.

The first thing to realize is that most steel containers are made using corrugated weathering steel, an incredibly strong and durable material which makes up most (if not all) of the unit. Some steel storage containers will have wooden floors, with a few even using wooden frames as a base upon which to build their metallic shells. The exact design will depend on what the containers use is going to be, as well as what environment it will mostly find itself living within, though they all share a common bond in that they are built to be as sturdy as possible.

Depending on what you need the container for, it’s possible you’re not only concerned about the amount of weight the individual unit can handle internally during transport, but also how much weight the structure can hold externally as well (because typically steel storage containers are stacked on top of each other during long haul shipping).

As a rough guide, a typical 20ft steel container can hold about 22,000 kg (just under 55,000 lbs) worth of goods, whilst supporting around 86,400 kg worth of external weight (190,486 lbs), with special fixtures allowing external weight loads to grow up to 125,000 kg (275,580 lbs). Increasing the size of the containers doesn’t necessarily mean you will see a significant increase in the amount of weight it can hold, instead if you need a unit capable of carrying a heavier load, you will need to look into getting a specialized model.

However for the most part, whether you need to transport cars, computers or cookers, standard steel storage containers can handle almost anything you want to put in them.

If you’re worried about the goods getting damaged during the shipping stages, don’t be, as long as you secure them properly on the inside then everything will work out fine. The corrugated weathering steel used to construct the containment units is designed so as to be particularly resilient to the knocks and bumps that inevitably occur during transport, whilst also offering fantastic protection against wind, rain, hail and even sea spray.

So in response to the question, how strong is a steel storage container? The answer is that steel containers are extremely strong and incredibly durable, which is why for decades they’ve been the number one unit of choice for transporting goods all over the world.

If you have more questions about steel storage containers, contact your local steel storage container dealer.

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