Self Storage Units – Traditional Vs. Portable

By Jason Kay

At some point in everyone’s life they are faced with fact that they have too much stuff lying around and are in need of a self storage unit but which is best to go with, traditional or portable? While you can store your extra belongings in both there are certain advantages to going with a portable unit as opposed to going with a traditional unit.

Here are some of the advantages you will find with storing your stuff in a portable storage unit as opposed to the traditional way:

•Convenience: This is probably the biggest advantage. When you store your things at a traditional storage unit you have to own a truck, rent a truck, or borrow a truck from a friend in order to get your stuff to the storage unit. This can be an unwelcomed hassle. With a portable storage unit however, the portable storage unit company that you decide to go with brings the storage unit right to you and you can then fill it up at your leisure with no time constraints whatsoever.

•No driving: Not only does the portable storage unit company drop off your storage unit to you, they also pick it up when you have filled it up and take it to their climate controlled warehouse where you can store it for as long as you need to. Because they drop off the storage unit and then pick it up that means that you have to do absolutely no driving at all.

•Helps the moving process: many times people will store a number of items because they are moving to a new home and simply don’t know what they will keep and what they will sell or throw away. Once the move is complete and you decide you want to tackle the project of going through the storage unit you again have to either own a truck, rent a truck, or borrow a truck from a friend in order to get you stuff to your new place. Not so with a portable storage unit. When you are ready for your things, you simply call them and they will deliver you belongings to your new home and allow you to unload all the stuff when you want to. Then when the storage unit is empty, call them back and they will pick it up for you once again.

•Saves time: One thing you can never make more of and that is time. A portable storage unit may cost a bit more because they do all the driving, but if you think about all the time you will save, not to mention the gas money, it is still probably in your best interest to go with the portable storage unit.

All of this is not to say that the traditional storage units have no more use, but they have met their match. Unless you only plan on storing a few items that can easily and conveniently be transferred to a traditional storage unit by you, then getting a portable storage unit is really a no brainer.


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