Buying Used Storage Trailers


Are you interested in buying used storage trailers? You are not alone, in fact many people want to buy them to keep stuff in. Storage trailers are actually quite popular because they’re large, they don’t look bad and withstand the weather for years to come.

Trailers are actually a cheap way to store your stuff. Some people pay money every month to have their stuff stored at those self storage places. If you buy a used storage trailer then you can just put your stuff into it and not have to worry about a monthly fee. You own the trailer and so there is no fee.

Used trailers can be used for a number of things. They’re really quite handy thing to have. I have seen people at flea markets sell stuff out of storage trailers. Another great thing about them is that they do not lose their value very fast. A new storage trailer will lose some value of course, but when you buy a used one it has already dropped in value.

Some trailers will still have the semi wheels on it. In other words it could still be hauled around by a semi truck. Others will be just a view box itself without the wheels. If you don’t plan on moving the trailer around then this would be the best way to go.

Some people like the looks of a semi trailer versus just the box on the ground. It’s really up to you what you want. If you get a semi trailer with the wheels still on to it, then you will need some sort of steps made to get into it. This is one of the benefits of having just the box, it will be on ground level.

Used trailers are becoming more and more popular. They are affordable ways to store your stuff versus buying a storage building. A used storage trailer can keep your stuff safe and dry for many years to come.

There are many different types of used storage trailers to choose from. Your local trailer dealer will answer all your questions.

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Refrigerated Trailer Hire and Cold Storage Trailer Hire – A Mobile Solution to Catering Problems

By Iman Bahrani

Refrigerated Trailer Hire is a good method of catering to private or business needs. When you have a private party in an outdoor location and you do not want to go through all the trouble of enlisting the services of a local eatery or restaurant, then a cold storage trailer hire will solve your problem. Here are other advantages of a refrigerated trailer hire.

Facilitates Catering

Mobile cold storage rental services can facilitate catering. Their mobility helps a lot because the distance and location of the venue would not be a problem. Even if you will conduct the activity in the park or somewhere outdoors, catering will not be a problem. The cold storage trailer hire will do the task for you.

Catering Equipment

Most refrigerated trailers provide catering equipment, tableware, and other support equipment. This would save you time and money. There are used trailers, which you can also hire for catering equipment. They may also offer discounted prices and competitive quotes.

Short and Long Term Hiring

You can hire the refrigerated trailers for a short period or for a longer time depending on your preferences. If you opt for long term hiring, you can save on cost as well. Some providers give discounted rates for long-term use.

Available for Any Occasion

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation treat, a refrigerated trailer hire is the answer to your catering needs. You do not have to worry about spoiled food or items.

Stable and Reliable Temperatures

You can always count on the maintenance of stable and reliable temperatures. You are assured of the integrity and good quality of the food, beverages, and many other items that need refrigerated temperatures to be preserved. The temperatures are closely monitored and maintained through its precise operating features.

Caters also to Other Needs

If you are in the farming industry, you could also opt for refrigerated trailer hire to transport your products. If you need an on-the-spot-chiller, then you could do so with these trailers. They provide a variety of services to anyone who needs refrigerated temperatures to conduct their business, activity or event.

Indeed, a mobile cold storage is the answer for problems requiring preservation and chilling of food and certain items. Select from a wide variety of trailers.

A cold storage trailer will surely solve the problem for you.

Anglian Trailer Centre is East Anglia’s leading supplier of refrigerated and cold storage trailers for leisure and professional events.

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Used Storage Trailers for Sale – What Buyers Should Look For


Buyers are often confused with the decision of buying a new or used storage trailer. While some of them prefer new trailers others opt to buy used trailers that are sold at a cheaper price. It’s easy to buy a brand new trailer but with used trailers there are several important things you need to keep in mind. From your budget to the condition of the vehicle, there are a number of factors that you should look out for. Here are a few things you must look for when buying used trailers.

1. The Condition

Whatever your storage needs, you have to make sure the vehicle is in good condition. Do not be tempted buy one which is broken beyond repair just because it is cheap as you would not want to spend a good amount of money on just repairs and fixtures. Check the floor for any signs of rusting or rotting and make sure the chassis is still in a good condition.

2. The Cost

Cost is the second factor you have to figure out. Research the current market rates and find out what is the average market price for a used trailer. Also determine if the price is fitting your budget. If it is in good condition but exceeds your budget slightly, do not hesitate to buy it. It is rare to come across used vehicles in good condition under a reasonable price.

3. The Size

When buying, you also have to make sure the size meets your requirement. If you need one for temporary use then renting would be a better option than buying one. Keep in mind the parking space required for it when considering the various sizes.

4. Weight Capacity

You have to ensure how much weight the vehicle is capable of carrying. Some may look huge but if it doesn’t have a strong base or strong wheels, it cannot handle much weight. Make sure the base is strong enough and inspect the wheels carefully. Ideally the maximum load should be stamped on it, however do consult with the company you are buying it from.

5. Design and Construction

You must also check the design and construction to satisfy yourself regarding the durability of it. Check how thick the metal is and if the vehicle is strong enough. If the trailer has a weak design then it will not be beneficial for you to buy it as it might cause safety issues. Spend a few dollars more and get one with a good design durable structure.

If you buy a used trailer, make sure you don’t have to spend extra money on renovating or servicing it. That would be useless if you spend more on renovation rather than on buying the product itself.

Used trailers for sale NJ

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The Multiple Purposes of Storage Containers


Both the wholesalers and retailers can now take advantage storage containers, which have multiple utilities. A variety of containers are available these days making the choice of the buyer difficult. Dealers usually deliver them from the wholesale agencies that have a big inventory of them. When choosing one, make sure that it does not have any faults or you will waste the money spent for it. Some may prefer to use one-trip containers for too heavy loads. You can ask your dealer for help when you are going to choose one, as he may direct you to the right one.

Many prefer to choose the cheapest option by buying used containers. If you would like to purchase a used container, the dealer is going to give you certification that it is cargo worthy. The great variety of storage containers ensures that all customers’ needs are met, so that all clients can choose the right type of container.

Those who are unfortunate to have their containers leak, batter or rust may take advantage of companies that can quickly fix these issues instead of buying a new one. Before buying and using, always inspect thoroughly to see if your container is in good condition and to ensure its safety, since it happens that paint conceal some leakage.

Companies can order containers in bulk to receive more competitive rates. A good research will reveal you those wholesale dealers from which you can buy these storage tools at lesser price. It is very convenient to make an order online through dealer’s site, as you will be able to browse all the specifics of container and check out its modifications. They may offer new as well as used storage containers for sell.

Different sizes and forms of containers are available to meet the various needs of people and are multi-usable. They are the best storing solution, since they can be used for a variety of different purposes. In addition, they can be found at reasonable prices, especially if you opt to buy them online. You may also receive a good price if you but them in bulk. Customers may also choose from container equipment for example flat rack, high cube or refrigerated containers that are in high demand.

Storage containers are a perfect solution if you need to change your residence and move along with your belongings to another place. Some people move constantly due to their job. They will benefit from these kinds of containers that will make their moving quite easier and hassle-free.

Even those who have a permanent place to live may find a storage container useful, as they can use it as a storage place in their home or even work. People can simply use them the way they like after it is delivered and installed at the desired place. This is a perfect solution to store all kind of stuff that you do not want to throw out, but rather keep it for future usage. It will also help you tidy up the house of all extra trash and give you more space for your other necessities.

When you are looking for reliable and sturdy Storage Containers for Sale, rely only on Coronado Mobile Storage.

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Finding Storage Trailers For Sale Just Got Simpler

By Milton Smith

These days, many of us need more room than we are able to afford owning. Property prices might be down, but getting the kind of loans needed to buy or build is out of the question for the vast majority of us now, thanks to the way the economy has been recently. If you are hoping to be able to find good storage trailers for sale then you will definitely be delighted to learn that these are quite simple to find now. You can get what you need for a lot less than you might think, too. These trailers can be a real boon when you have to haul things and get them from one place to the next in a safe manner. They are also useful for holding things that you only tend to need on a once in a while basis. When you need a smart investment, these trailers make a very good choice because they are so versatile and do not require another company to move them for you as others so often do. You can find storage trailers for sale through a variety of places and that is definitely going to make things a lot easier on you or the company you are working for.

Mobility is huge these days and portable solutions are definitely the way to go for the vast majority of us. It is not always easy to find the very best deals out there, but if we play our cards right then it might just be easier than we think. If you are hoping to have the right selection of storage trailers for sale then you may want to consider checking out a dealer. They are often able to offer a lot of advantages that a private seller of used trailers would not be able to. They can give you payment plans or other financing packages and generally have a wider selection of options from which you can choose, as well as a warranty that is going to be a very smart idea for you to consider. If you have been thinking that this would make things simpler on you, you are definitely right. You can find a great value in storage trailers for sale right on the web because so many more dealers and private sellers are embracing this way to do business. It makes things much more simple for you.

As you can see, your storage trailer needs are going to be a great deal easier to meet once you know you have the right set of advantages. If you are looking to find the best trailer, then visit your local trailer dealer.

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A Self-Storage Holiday Checklist


With the winter holidays approaching, you have so much on your mind. You’re shopping for gifts, getting out the festive decorations, and planning to bake an assortment of sweets. This is a time to remember family and renew faith, and to enjoy the time spent with loved ones. People may ask what you’d like for a gift, and while you probably have a list stashed somewhere part of you may concede to at least one practical present. Storage space, for one, is a necessity you don’t think of giving to a person, but it could make a great gift for yourself.

If you do have a rented self-storage unit, you may end up visiting it often during the busy holiday season. Whether you’re there to retrieve the tree and the outdoor lights and Christmas signage, or you’re removing stuff to make room for next year’s storage, you would do well to compose a storage wish list. Self-storage helps you organize your home and remove clutter from high-traffic rooms. If you have not yet rented a unit, here are some items to put on that wish list.

1) Sturdy boxes and containers to hold items. As children grow older you may hesitate to get rid of clothes that no longer fit or toys that are left in closets. Some things may be handed down, so you hold them for a while. You’ll need good containers for this task – color coded to help you find things on the fly.

2) Colored tape for easy labeling. With some boxes, it’s helpful to use colored tape to mark which items came from your kitchen, and which from your bedroom. From there, it’s only a matter of grabbing the right box and going about the rest of your day.

3) A secure lock. Even in self-storage facilities with security, there is always the risk of theft. Many places offer locks for sale, but if you want a particular brand you can get one for your unit.

4) A good hand truck. Nobody likes to carry heavy boxes, especially if long distances are involved. A hand truck for stacking boxes lets you move with ease, plus it is a good tool to have around the house for other jobs.

This holiday season, consider the gift of rented storage space for your family. With unnecessary items placed in a unit, you have more room to breathe and enjoy the new gifts.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Norfolk self-storage and Chesapeake self-storage.

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Self Storage Fast Facts


Self storage is a basic need for many people these days. They are families who live in small homes or apartments, those moving to a new home, single people moving to a new place of work or students who are moving to new school away from home.

There’s no denying that the demand for this kind of facility continues to remain high. This fact has led investors to build more structures to keep up with the demand. Today, self storage is considered the fastest growing commercial real estate industry in the U.S. and growth is seen to continue moving forward.

Global trend

As of 2009, there were 58,000 self storage facilities around the world. Of this figure, 46,000 were in the U.S. covering a rental space of approximately 2.35 billion square feet. Statistics also show that some 3,000 new storage facilities were constructed every year for a five year period from 2000 to 2005.

Data from 2006 revealed that compared to the U.S., Australia has 22 million of rentable square feet while the U.K. had 20 million.

Self storage is in high demand in the U.S. In fact, revenue from this industry is said to be more than what Hollywood earns. In addition, one in 10 Americans were found to be renting a unit.


Originally, these rental units were meant to provide storage space only for the short term. These days, however, more than 96 percent of tenants stay for more than a year with some renting space for even several years.

The popularity of this facility continues right now and showing no signs of waning in the coming years. A 2011 survey by reported that 73 percent of facility owners claimed steady revenue or revenue growth from the previous year.

An interesting fact you might want to know is that owing to self storage’s popularity, it has inspired two new television programs that first aired in 2010. These are the Storage Wars and Auction Hunters that focus on storage auctions. These auctions are conducted to sell the item at self storage units abandoned or not paid by the tenants. The hosts of the shows are given a challenge each time which is to find rare items that can sell for a high amount when auctioned. They should then be able to profit well from the items.


On the business side, many companies are looking into purchasing properties notably high-quality ones. Merchant builders are also building, leasing and selling self storage properties targeted at cash flow investors. Meanwhile, owners continue to enjoy strong cash flows although some are experiencing less activity.

On the other hand, property buyers are given increased access to capital these days. This development allows them to grow their portfolios through acquisition of existing storage facility.

There are also zoning-driven buyers who are in the business of seeking locations for other businesses. Reports have it that they have become more aggressive compared to the traditional buyers.

All these facts only show that the self storage industry remains strong in the face of issues.

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Why Use Self Storage Facilities?


There are always occasions when you do not have enough space in your house, office, or business premise to store the material you have got and you wish if you could move some material, which is not going to be needed for quite some times, and store it to some other place safely. This is what self storage services are offering today. The concept has picked the wave and has developed in a full-fledged industry in most of the parts of USA today. Here are some advantages of using self storage services.

Safe, Secure and Clean Storage Space – Due to rapid proliferation, the self storage venues are also facing competition and consequently they all are trying to offer better service than their competitor. This is what providing service users with safe, secure and clean storage facilities in their neighbourhood. Even if you have to carry the stuff a little far from your house, it pays to use the services of a self storage service if it guarantees safety, and security of your belongings.

Adequate Size – Another advantage of using such kind of services is the availability of required size of space units to store your stuff comfortably. These services often have multiple units of different sizes of compartments to meet the size requirement of material. This spares you from the compulsion of paying rent of a large unit for storing rather a small piece. You can store anything ranging from furniture, car, boat, electronic, or just anything. They even offer various sizes of packing boxes to pack small material and store it in a common compartment. In case you are hiring a whole separate compartment, you will get the keys with permission to visit it as and when you want to.

Easy Movement – The services often make provisions so that each storage unit can be accessed through car or any commercial vehicle. Thus material can be driven direct to the unit without requiring download/upload in transit. You can drive the material to exact location of its storage and pick/drop it there easily. This makes it very comfortable for people as they do not have to pick things and carry them manually to parking space.

U-Haul Trucks, Trailers, Equipments – In case you are in need of storing a large size or heavy material such as cars, boats, machineries, or any other heavy goods, the services often provide necessary equipments such as U-haul trucks, trailers and other equipments for easy transportation of the material.

Locks – Once you have stored your stuff in a unit, you need to make sure that you are getting sufficient privileges and security assurance at affordable cost. Many self storage services in the USA are offering disc locks at discounted price to their service users. These disc locks are known for heavy-duty and maximum security.

These all services together make self storage services in USA quite convenient and assuring to the safety and security of your material. But, you should always look for safety and security of the items above vicinity of the self storage units.

Nicky Singh has years of experience in content writing. He has written numerous articles on Storage related. This article provides information about storage units Houston who is popular Houston storage unit.

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Best Surveillance Systems for Self Storage Units


Self-storage units are considered to be successful, if they are able to store belongings safely. Security is an important element for the success of self-storage units. Self-storage managers must incorporate security in their units, if they want to attract new customers and retain existing ones. With technological advancements increasing at a rapid pace, it is becoming vital for self storage managers and owners to become more tech savvy. Whether self-storage owners are looking to monitor daily activities with the help of facility management system or taking up other activities, it is crucial to be technologically competent.

The primary duty of any self-storage unit is keeping the belongings of their customers safe. Therefore, it is imperative that self storage owners have up-to-date information about the current technology, which helps them in executing their duty successfully. Here are some of the best technologies used in self-storage facilities.

System Controllers – Vital For Managing Site Security

Self-storage managers must utilize system controllers when they need to manage site security efficiently. Intercoms and keypads are some of the security systems that are categorized under system controllers. Apart from these card readers, door alarms and surveillance cameras are other gizmos included under system controllers.

Digital Video Surveillance – Effective Security Tool

Apart from offering the advantages of digital recording, this technological device offers full proof security to self storage units. In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping track of self storage units round the clock is a herculean task. You will be amazed at the image quality you get from digital video cameras. The good image quality is got with the help of digital technology effectively utilized in these cameras.

This device helps you monitor the movement of people who have entered or exited the self-storage facility. This is done with the help of the recorded video in the camera, which matches with the logs in the keypad entry system.

Wireless Door Alarms – Profitable Security Technology for All Units

In the past most self-storage units had door alarms to effectively monitor their facilities. The evolving technology has introduced wireless version of the door alarm system. One of the advantages you will experience when using this security system is that it is reliable and cost-effective.

It is relatively easy to send and receive data with wireless systems. Besides, installation of wireless systems in storage facilities is easier and you will get peace of mind after knowing that your belongings are secure. The presence of an integrated access-control system is vital for self storage units. This will inform you about people on or off site.

Radio Frequency Technology – Best Security System to Identify Illicit Shifting of Goods

Most storage units today utilize the Radio Frequency Technology, an effective tool that keeps belongings secure. Tiny RFID tags are used in this security system to monitor your belongings effectively. These tags are attached to every item you store. Door scanners recognize RFID tags immediately and give you an indication about illegitimate shifting of merchandise. An alarm rings in case your goods are moved from one place to another illegally.

Please your customers by offering them these enhanced security systems in self storage units. This will help you boost your business and retain customer base. Leave aside your worries about the security of valuable possessions by opting for secure self storage units.

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Ways To Use Self Storage For Business


It is no longer a secret that today, many enterprising people are using self storage as a place to keep their stocks. Whether they’re startups or have already established their business, many are finding storage facilities helpful, affordable and convenient.

Business owners who have stocks to keep often use self storage these days over renting a commercial space. Those who do business online are regular customers as well. With no physical shop to show their products, owners prefer to store their stocks in facilities where they can be kept safe round the clock.

Here are some ideas on the types of business that can benefit from these storage facilities.

Wedding Gowns and Suits for Hire

Most probably, you have a brick and mortar shop where you display samples of wedding gowns and suits for couples wanting to get married. But if you have a limited space and you have items that don’t need to be displayed at your shop or are in the off hire, it’s a good idea to store them in self storage. This way, you maintain a commercial area free from clutter and keep your items in a safe place.

Make sure you use rails and hangers and you install shelves in the unit to organize everything there. Separate the gowns from the other outfits for easy access and ensure that they’re covered properly. You don’t want them to gather dust there, would you?

An option if you have extra budget is to rent a climate controlled unit. This is if you feel your items are delicate and need to be well protected from extreme changes in temperature.

Vintage Home Decors and Furniture

If you’re operating an online business and are selling medium to large size items, it may help you to rent a self storage unit. You will definitely need a safe place to keep your stocks and a storage facility is a perfect solution.

Some entrepreneurs who sell vintage items on the internet enjoy their business success. By conveniently selling their stuff in the comfort of their own, it’s so easy to just get what your customers ordered and then ship them right away after leaving the facility. No need to stock them up in your home.

Music Lessons

If you’re passion is teaching young people to play musical instruments, you can set up a studio at a self storage unit. Just make sure you are clear first about the policy of the facility. Ask the staff or the manager if they allow a unit to be used as a studio where you do your music lessons.

Normally, facilities don’t mind what you do with your unit as long as you don’t disturb the other tenants and you pay your monthly fee promptly. At least with this set up, you have a fixed place where your students can go to in order to pursue their music lessons. You just need to set a specific time during which to do them.

You may have other business ideas in mind other than these. What’s important is you ask the facility’s management first about their rules and regulations in using their units.

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