Step 1: Substantially Reduce Your Costs

There are 2 ways to substantially reduce your costs.

A. You can maintain your current business process and reduce your costs within your existing model.

                    – or –

B.  You can change your business model.


The first thing most people look to do is ‘A‘, reducing their costs within their existing business model.  They do so because it is much easier to maintain the current busines process  rather than change it. Also this type of cost reduction usually provides results quicikly.

We have helped many companies reduce costs and improve effeciencies by providing them with better equipment, better solutions, and better pricing.

Although  ‘A‘ has provided successful and easily measurable reults we have also advocated to our clients that they seriously consider reviewing their current business model ‘B‘ in addition to ‘A‘. it is our belief that the business world is changing and will continue to do so at even a more rapid rate as technologies continue to develop. What once took 10 years to develop now takes 1 year or less. This rapid evolution in business development has also reduced the lifespan of business models. Unless you have a unique product or service that can not be duplicated you will be subject to these great forces of change.

As a result we have not only helped clients reduce their costs but also have helped reshape thier business model to further reduce costs, improve effeciencies and provide huge flexability to change with the rapidly changing business world.

We will be providing these business models on our website shortly.In the meantime if you like access to these models please feel free to contact us directly.

Next time we will take a look at Step 2 :  Maintain or improve customer service while reducing your costs

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