How To Survive The Coming Economic Tsunami

The Stock Market is Going Up !

Banks are flush with Gov’t cash and are providing easy credit for business.

The worst is over !

Don’t believe this for a minute.

America is still losing over 500,000 jobs per month. Credit is getting tighter. Chrysler is bankrupt. G.M is next.

Yes these companies will be better off in the long as they emerge from bankruptcy protection, but what happens to the 40,000 employees that will be let go both in manufacturing and the dealership network. How will they replace their high wage and benefit package ?  Just as important what about the remaining workers who are having their wages and benefits  cut back ? Finally what about all the suppliers of these companies ? Will it be business as usual for them.? How will their employees be affected ? Are they going to spend at the same rate they have over the last few years ? Of course not. Would you?

What does this mean ?

The worst is yet to come.

Is your business ready ?

Those businesses that will survive and prosper in the new economic reality will have to:

1.   Substantially reduce costs

2.  Maintain or improve customer service despite reducing costs

3.  Reduce debt.

4.  Free up capital

5.  Reduce or eliminate long term obligations

6.  Reduce or eliminate variable costs that you do not control

7.  Remain flexible in order to expand or contract rapidly.

8.  Provide value added services for your clients


Stay tuned as we will show you how we can help you achieve all of the above noted goals and prosper during difficult economic times !

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