Automotive Storage

Express Group's storage trailers offer various applications and benefits for businesses in the automotive industry. From efficient space management and seasonal storage solutions to preserving floor space and providing temporary advertising space, these trailers provide a versatile and secure storage option. By utilizing Storage Trailers, businesses can optimize their operations, protect their inventory, and create a more organized and visually appealing environment.

Mobile storage rental applications for automotive industry storage

Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for Automotive

  • Efficient Space Management: Express Group's storage trailers offer an effective solution for keeping valuable space clear and organized. By utilizing these trailers, businesses can store parts, supplies, and other inventory out of view and out of the weather. This helps to optimize the available space within their premises and ensures that inventory is easily accessible when needed.
  • Seasonal Storage Needs: The storage trailers provided by Express Group are ideal for fulfilling seasonal storage requirements. Businesses in the automotive industry can utilize these trailers to store tires, rims, and decorations during off-seasons. This helps to free up space within the main storage areas, allowing for better organization and utilization of resources.
  • Floor Space Preservation: Showrooms and maintenance areas are crucial spaces for automotive businesses. Express Group's storage trailers enable businesses to preserve these areas by storing less frequently needed items outside in secure storage trailers. By utilizing the trailers, businesses can optimize their floor space, making it more functional and efficient for daily operations.
  • Temporary Advertising Space: Express Group's storage trailers can also serve as temporary "billboards" for colorful sale banners. By placing eye-catching banners on the trailers, businesses can effectively advertise their promotions and attract customers. This provides an additional marketing avenue that can be easily customized and changed as needed.
  • Secure Storage Solution: Express Group ensures that their storage trailers provide a secure storage solution for businesses. The trailers are designed to protect inventory from theft, vandalism, and adverse weather conditions. This helps businesses maintain the integrity and quality of their stored items, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

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