The Top Five Self Storage Units

When people need storage its usually because one of three things has happened; lack of space, seasonal needs, or more adequate storage needs have occurred. The solution to this problem is self storage units. Over recent decades self storage has taken on many forms and has adapted to different needs. This type of storage now covers five distinct groups of consumers who use storage for a multitude of needs.

The Basics of Self Storage

There are some common issues which are a part of any type of self storage. These issues must be looked into when using this type of storage.

The contract – Contracts are different from one facility to another and from one storage type to another.

The Hours – While some facilities are only open during business hours, others are 24/7 operations.

Security Issues – Most outdoor storage uses a simple fence and passkey system with individual locks for units, while indoor storage makes use of cameras and sometimes personal security measures.

Appropriate Uses – All storage facilities have clauses against storage of perishable food, pets, or combustible materials.

Rates – Rental fees for storage can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Shed Storage

This is one of the two main types of self storage units available today. Usually these are made of metal and concrete. Most facilities allow you to drive right up to your unit. These units are good for such items as: Household furnishings Appliances Properly boxed clothing and books

Warehouse Storage

These units are constructed within the walls of a larger single building, are usually climate controlled and have sprinkler systems in place. Warehouse self storage is mainly used for the following: Document storage, storage of valuables or paintings Light or climate sensitive material like frozen items

Trailer Storage

This type of self storage is mainly used for quick storage of bulk or boxed items. Storage trailers are often used for vending route storage, tires or other non corrosive auto parts, Pallets, Multiple boxed or bagged items but also usable for residential storage or moving. Learn more about the benefits of renting storage trailers on our mobile storage benefits.

Rented Garage

The rented garage is the most common type seen in the newspaper where a vehicle is involved. Sometimes garages space is rented out for someone looking to park one of the following for a season or a year: RV or camper, Antique cars, Motorcycles, & Boat Storage.

This type of self storage is used mainly for items which are too large to fit into an enclosed space or on a residential property. A variation of lot storage is a Marina or Boat Slip. Uses for lot storage are listed below: Large mobile homes Airplanes Boats Tractor trailers These are the five most common uses of self storage. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the requirements needed; while all provide one common service which is a place for people to put their stuff until needed later.

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Top Storage Solution Options by Industry

Have a specific industry you need to find the best self storage options for? Take a look at our detailed information on these industries.