Storage for Events

Storage Trailers provide a range of applications and benefits for unique events and operational challenges. From reducing labor costs and damage claims to enabling venue-specific direct loading, expediting the delivery process, optimizing dock space, and offering customizable storage solutions, these trailers help event organizers streamline logistics, enhance efficiency, and ensure successful event operations.

Mobile storage rental applications for events & planners

Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for Event Planning

  • Cost and Damage Reduction: Storage Trailers provide unique storage solutions that help reduce labor costs and minimize damage claims. By utilizing these trailers, event organizers can efficiently store and transport equipment, supplies, and materials needed for the event. This eliminates the need for additional handling and reduces the risk of damage, resulting in cost savings and fewer claims.
  • Venue-Specific Direct Loading: Storage Trailers offer the convenience of loading directly to each event venue based on facility location, target date, and time. This tailored approach ensures that equipment and supplies are delivered precisely where and when they are needed. By eliminating unnecessary transportation and intermediate handling, it streamlines the logistics process and enhances overall efficiency.
  • Expedited Delivery Process: Express Group's flatbed fleet enables expedited delivery for event-related materials. The company's dedicated fleet ensures prompt transportation of equipment and supplies to the event site. This efficient delivery process allows event organizers to have their materials on-site in a timely manner, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring smooth event setup.
  • Optimization of Dock Space: By utilizing Express Group's flatbed fleet and storage trailers, event organizers can optimize valuable dock space. Instead of using dock space for the storage of equipment or materials, over-the-road carriers and storage trailers can make use of this space more effectively. This maximizes the efficiency of dock operations and ensures a smooth flow of goods in and out of the venue.
  • Customized Storage Solutions: Storage Trailers offer customizable storage solutions to meet the unique requirements of different events. The trailers can be modified and equipped with features such as racks, shelves, and compartments to ensure efficient organization and secure storage of event-related items. This customization allows event organizers to have a tailored storage solution that best fits their specific needs.

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