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Mobile storage units like shipping containers & storage trailers offer various applications and benefits for manufacturing facilities. From optimizing supply proximity and reducing warehousing costs to efficient warehouse space utilization, increased inventory turns, and improved maintenance and construction project management, these trailers contribute to the overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing facilities.

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Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for Manufacturing Facilities

  • Supply Proximity and Cost Optimization: Express Group's on-site storage trailers offer a cost-effective solution for manufacturing facilities looking to reduce warehousing costs and improve supply proximity. Instead of relying on cross-town just-in-time (JIT) warehouse runs, manufacturing facilities can utilize on-site storage trailers to store raw materials. This reduces transportation costs, eliminates the need for distant warehouses, and ensures that the necessary materials are readily available when needed. By optimizing supply proximity, manufacturers can streamline their operations, reduce lead times, and minimize the risk of production delays.
  • Efficient Warehouse Space Utilization: Manufacturing facilities often face challenges related to limited warehouse space. Express Group's storage trailers provide a practical solution for storing excess inventory and materials, freeing up valuable warehouse space. By utilizing storage trailers, manufacturers can efficiently organize and manage their inventory, ensuring that the warehouse is utilized optimally. This allows for better workflow, improved accessibility to materials, and enhanced productivity within the manufacturing facility.
  • Increased Inventory Turns and Reduced Cycle Time: On-site raw material storage in storage trailers enables manufacturing facilities to increase inventory turns and reduce cycle time. By having materials readily available on-site, production processes can be streamlined, and turnaround times can be minimized. This helps manufacturers meet customer demand more efficiently, reduce lead times, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Plant Maintenance Tools and Supplies: Express Group's storage trailers are ideal for storing plant maintenance tools and supplies. These trailers offer a secure and organized storage solution for tools, spare parts, and maintenance equipment. By having these items stored on-site, maintenance personnel can easily access the necessary tools and supplies, reducing downtime and improving maintenance response time.
  • Job Site Storage for Construction Projects: Storage trailers are also beneficial for manufacturing facilities undergoing plant construction projects. These trailers provide a safe and secure storage solution for materials and equipment at the job site. By utilizing on-site storage trailers, manufacturers can ensure that construction materials are conveniently available when needed, minimizing delays and improving project efficiency.

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