Storage for Racing Teams

Storage Trailers offer various applications and benefits for the racing industry. They provide backup storage for merchandise trailers, convenient food storage for concession stands, a secure storage solution for race sponsors' promotional items, and hassle-free delivery directly to the track. These features contribute to a seamless race day experience, ensuring that everything is in place for a successful event.

Mobile storage rental applications for racing teams

Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for Racing Team Sponsors

  • Backup Storage for Merchandise Trailers: Storage Trailers serve as reliable backup storage for merchandise trailers used during race events. In the fast-paced racing environment, having a backup storage solution ensures that merchandise and promotional items are readily available to meet the demands of fans. This helps to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted sales operation.
  • Food Storage for Concession Stands: Storage Trailers offer a convenient solution for storing food supplies for concession stands at race venues. Whether it's dry food or refrigerated items, the trailers provide adequate storage space to keep the necessary stock as feeder inventory for concession stands. This helps to ensure a constant supply of food items for race attendees, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Storage for Race Sponsors' Promotional Items: Storage Trailers can also be utilized to store promotional items belonging to race sponsors. Sponsors often have various promotional materials such as banners, signage, merchandise, and other branded items that need to be stored securely and transported to the race venue. The trailers provide a safe and organized storage solution, ensuring that sponsors' promotional materials are readily available when needed.
  • Convenient Delivery to the Track: Express Group offers delivery services, making it easy to transport trailers directly to the race track. This eliminates the need for race organizers or teams to arrange their own transportation for the trailers. Mobile storage delivery services for continers & trailers are efficiently delivered to the race track, ensuring they are in place and ready to support the racing activities.

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