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Storage Trailers provide various applications and benefits for local retailers, stores, malls & outlets. From supporting Direct Store Delivery contracts and lay-away programs to assisting in store expansion, consolidation, or remodeling projects, and optimizing inventory management, these trailers help retailers streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and improve overall profitability.

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Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for Retail Operators

  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Contracts: Express Mobile storage trailers and shipping containers are ideal for fulfilling Direct Store Delivery contracts. These trailers provide a reliable and efficient transportation solution for delivering goods directly to retail stores. By utilizing Storage Trailers, local retailers can streamline their supply chain, ensuring timely delivery of products and maintaining optimal inventory levels. This helps improve customer satisfaction, reduce storage costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Storage Trailers for Lay-Away Programs: Express Group's storage trailers are well-suited for supporting lay-away programs in local retail stores. These programs allow customers to reserve and pay for items over time before taking them home. The storage trailers provide a secure and organized space to store reserved items until they are ready for customer pickup. By utilizing storage trailers, retailers can effectively manage and track lay-away inventory, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both the retailer and the customer.
  • Store Expansion, Consolidation, or Remodeling: Storage Trailers and containers offer valuable support during store expansion, consolidation, or remodeling projects. These trailers provide a convenient and secure storage solution for retailers to keep their shelving, fixtures, and product inventory during these transitions. By utilizing storage trailers, retailers can keep their items safe, organized, and easily accessible, minimizing disruption to the store operations. This enables retailers to focus on the expansion, consolidation, or remodeling process while maintaining inventory control and ensuring a seamless transition for their customers.
  • Inventory Optimization: Express Group's storage trailers help local retailers align their inventory with sales, thus avoiding costly mark-downs. By utilizing storage trailers for excess inventory or slow-moving items, retailers can prevent overcrowding on store shelves and maintain a clean and organized retail environment. This allows retailers to optimize their inventory levels, reduce the risk of overstocking, and minimize the need for markdowns or clearance sales. By aligning inventory with sales, retailers can improve profitability and operational efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Storage Solution: With high asking rents and low foot traffic, mall retailers often face cost challenges. Express Group's storage trailers offer a cost-effective storage solution compared to leasing additional retail space. By utilizing these trailers, retailers can expand their storage capacity without incurring the high costs associated with additional retail space. This allows retailers to optimize their rental expenses, allocate their resources more efficiently, and maintain a competitive edge in the challenging mall environment.
  • Secure and Dry Storage: Storage Trailers and containers offer secure and dry storage options. They are designed to protect the stored items from theft, damage, and adverse weather conditions. This ensures the integrity and quality of the merchandise, giving big box chains peace of mind when it comes to storing valuable inventory.

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