Storage for Schools

Storage Trailers provide valuable applications and benefits for schools and educational institutions. They offer a bridge solution during construction delays, safe and economical storage for various items, convenient mobility within the campus, and delivery services directly to the school. These features help schools overcome storage challenges and efficiently manage their resources, ensuring a smooth operation during construction and beyond.

Mobile storage rental applications for schools

Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for School Boards

  • Bridge Solution for Construction Delays: 48ft. and 53ft storage trailers offer a temporary storage solution for schools that are caught in a growth or storage squeeze due to construction delays. If construction projects are on hold or facing financial constraints, these trailers can serve as a bridge solution until government finances improve and the construction can resume. They provide additional storage space to accommodate the school's needs during the transition period.
  • Safe and Economical Storage: Containers & storage trailers offer safe and economical storage for various items in schools, including textbooks, office furniture, laboratory equipment, and other supplies. Storage trailers provide a secure environment to store valuable educational resources, ensuring they are protected from damage or theft. By utilizing the trailers for storage, schools can efficiently manage their inventory and keep their campus organized.
  • Convenient and Mobile Storage: Shipping container & storage trailers can be co-located on the school campus itself. This eliminates the need to rely on distant warehouses located on the other side of town. The trailers can be strategically placed within the school premises, providing easy access to stored items and reducing the time and effort required for retrieval. This convenience allows schools to efficiently manage their storage needs without having to travel to off-site locations.
  • Delivery to Campus: Mobile storage proviers, like Express Mobile Storage Solutions offer delivery services, ensuring that the trailers and containers can be delivered directly to the school campus. Schools do not need to have their own tractors or worry about transportation logistics. Express Mobile Solutions handle the delivery process, making it convenient and hassle-free for the school administration.

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