Benefits of Self Storage Versus Your Own Warehouse

When is it better to choose self storage over your own warehouse?

What are the formers advantages over the latter? Or is it actually wiser to have your own warehouse rather than entrust your precious belongings to some self storage company? First and the most important of all is the sense of security that self storage provides as opposed to your own warehouse. With self storage, you are assured that you are keeping all of your items somewhere safe and secure, thus you are given peace of mind. How does self storage ensure security? For one, they require you to provide your own padlocks and keys to your storage units, so that only you will have an access to it.

Apart from this, the storage facility also boasts of additional measures to ensure security, and that is by means of 24/7 surveillance cameras and security guards, pin numbers to access the electronic facility gates, flood-lighting at night, as well as high-technology burglar alarm systems. Contrast these state-of-the-art security systems versus the security afforded by mere padlocks in your own warehouse and you get a stark difference in favor of self storage. Next is the assurance of your items safety. In your own warehouse, you might not be able to do regular physical inspection because there is just so much to do at work, so you will never find out if your items are already being damaged by water, pests and rodents. In self storage, however, there are usually pest control programs which are being done regularly, as well as measures to prevent water damage or other natural calamities, if possible. Some storage facilities are even raised to higher levels just so damage can be avoided in cases of floods or typhoons.

Another benefit afforded by self storage over your own warehouse is the availability of climate controlled units. You will not have to worry anymore about the temperature-sensitive items that you possess because you can set the temperature in some of the better self storage facilities, thereby avoiding damage to your precious items. True, you have to pay for certain fees, and transportation costs as well every time you access your storage unit, while when you store your goods in your warehouse, you do not have to pay for anything. What will make you decide for self storage, however, is the assurance of safety and security that it affords.

You can have that in your own warehouse, but you will need to spend thousands upon thousands to provide a similar level of security, versus paying a certain tolerable amount of fees on self storage monthly. Self storage is, indeed, the way to go.

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