Farm Storage Solutions

Storage Trailers provide a range of applications and benefits for fruit and vegetable growers. With options tailored to their needs, convenient on-site availability, reliable storage solutions, temperature control for perishables, and delivery services, Express Group aims to support growers in maximizing efficiency and productivity in their agricultural operations.

Mobile storage rental applications for agriculture & farming

Benefits of Mobile Storage Rental for Farming

  • Versatile Options: Express Group provides a wide range of trailers catering to the diverse needs of fruit and vegetable growers. Whether you require a large or small trailer, they have options to suit your specific requirements.
  • Convenient on-site Solution: By offering trailers right on growers' own turf, Express Group ensures convenience and accessibility. Growers don't have to worry about transporting their produce to distant locations or dealing with logistical challenges. The trailers are conveniently available on-site, making it easier for growers to access them during planting and harvest seasons.
  • Reliable Storage Alternative: In situations where rail producer car loading sites may be closed in a particular area, Express Group offers storage trailers for rent. These trailers serve as a reliable alternative, providing growers with a secure and accessible storage solution for their supplies.
  • Temperature Control for Perishables: The importance of maintaining the optimal temperature for perishable crops is a major concern for farms of all types. They offer single or multi-temp reefer storage units that provide temperature control, ensuring the freshness and quality of the produce, hay or straw. This feature is particularly beneficial for growers dealing with sensitive perishables like fruits and vegetables but safe hay & straw storage is key for farms of all types.
  • Delivery Services: Express Group goes the extra mile by offering rental storage trailer delivery services. Whether growers don't have drivers available or prefer to have trailers delivered directly to their barn yard, Express Group can handle it. Their convenient delivery option saves time and effort for growers, allowing them to focus on their core farming activities.

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