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Storage Trailers provide various applications and benefits for the pine straw industry. With their ample storage capacity, seamless delivery process, mobility during harvesting, and flexible delivery options, these trailers serve as efficient workhorses for businesses involved in pine straw production and distribution.

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  • Efficient Storage Capacity: Storage trailers offer a high storage capacity for hay & straw bales. With the ability to hold round bales or over 1,000 square bales in a single trailer. Farms that require hay or pine straw can maximize their storage space and reduce the need for multiple storage areas. This allows for efficient organization and easy access to the bales when needed.
  • Seamless Delivery Process: After the pine straw harvest, storage trailers provide a convenient solution for delivering the bales directly to wholesalers, landscaping companies, construction customer sites or within your own farm. This eliminates the need for additional transportation logistics and streamlines the hay delivery process. Farms can ensure timely and efficient distribution of the hay bales to their customers or livestock.
  • Mobile during Harvesting: Storage trailers are designed to be mobile, making them highly suitable for straw and hay harvesting. The storage trailers or shipping containers can be easily moved around the harvesting area, allowing for convenient collection and storage of the hay straw bales. This mobility enhances efficiency and productivity during the harvesting operations.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: For farms without tractors or the means to transport storage trailers and containers, mobile storage units for farms can be delivered directly to your farm or field. This eliminates the need for farmers to worry about arranging their own transportation and enables them to focus on their livestock & crop operations.

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