Why Use Self Storage Facilities?


There are always occasions when you do not have enough space in your house, office, or business premise to store the material you have got and you wish if you could move some material, which is not going to be needed for quite some times, and store it to some other place safely. This is what self storage services are offering today. The concept has picked the wave and has developed in a full-fledged industry in most of the parts of USA today. Here are some advantages of using self storage services.

Safe, Secure and Clean Storage Space – Due to rapid proliferation, the self storage venues are also facing competition and consequently they all are trying to offer better service than their competitor. This is what providing service users with safe, secure and clean storage facilities in their neighbourhood. Even if you have to carry the stuff a little far from your house, it pays to use the services of a self storage service if it guarantees safety, and security of your belongings.

Adequate Size – Another advantage of using such kind of services is the availability of required size of space units to store your stuff comfortably. These services often have multiple units of different sizes of compartments to meet the size requirement of material. This spares you from the compulsion of paying rent of a large unit for storing rather a small piece. You can store anything ranging from furniture, car, boat, electronic, or just anything. They even offer various sizes of packing boxes to pack small material and store it in a common compartment. In case you are hiring a whole separate compartment, you will get the keys with permission to visit it as and when you want to.

Easy Movement – The services often make provisions so that each storage unit can be accessed through car or any commercial vehicle. Thus material can be driven direct to the unit without requiring download/upload in transit. You can drive the material to exact location of its storage and pick/drop it there easily. This makes it very comfortable for people as they do not have to pick things and carry them manually to parking space.

U-Haul Trucks, Trailers, Equipments – In case you are in need of storing a large size or heavy material such as cars, boats, machineries, or any other heavy goods, the services often provide necessary equipments such as U-haul trucks, trailers and other equipments for easy transportation of the material.

Locks – Once you have stored your stuff in a unit, you need to make sure that you are getting sufficient privileges and security assurance at affordable cost. Many self storage services in the USA are offering disc locks at discounted price to their service users. These disc locks are known for heavy-duty and maximum security.

These all services together make self storage services in USA quite convenient and assuring to the safety and security of your material. But, you should always look for safety and security of the items above vicinity of the self storage units.

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Best Surveillance Systems for Self Storage Units


Self-storage units are considered to be successful, if they are able to store belongings safely. Security is an important element for the success of self-storage units. Self-storage managers must incorporate security in their units, if they want to attract new customers and retain existing ones. With technological advancements increasing at a rapid pace, it is becoming vital for self storage managers and owners to become more tech savvy. Whether self-storage owners are looking to monitor daily activities with the help of facility management system or taking up other activities, it is crucial to be technologically competent.

The primary duty of any self-storage unit is keeping the belongings of their customers safe. Therefore, it is imperative that self storage owners have up-to-date information about the current technology, which helps them in executing their duty successfully. Here are some of the best technologies used in self-storage facilities.

System Controllers – Vital For Managing Site Security

Self-storage managers must utilize system controllers when they need to manage site security efficiently. Intercoms and keypads are some of the security systems that are categorized under system controllers. Apart from these card readers, door alarms and surveillance cameras are other gizmos included under system controllers.

Digital Video Surveillance – Effective Security Tool

Apart from offering the advantages of digital recording, this technological device offers full proof security to self storage units. In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping track of self storage units round the clock is a herculean task. You will be amazed at the image quality you get from digital video cameras. The good image quality is got with the help of digital technology effectively utilized in these cameras.

This device helps you monitor the movement of people who have entered or exited the self-storage facility. This is done with the help of the recorded video in the camera, which matches with the logs in the keypad entry system.

Wireless Door Alarms – Profitable Security Technology for All Units

In the past most self-storage units had door alarms to effectively monitor their facilities. The evolving technology has introduced wireless version of the door alarm system. One of the advantages you will experience when using this security system is that it is reliable and cost-effective.

It is relatively easy to send and receive data with wireless systems. Besides, installation of wireless systems in storage facilities is easier and you will get peace of mind after knowing that your belongings are secure. The presence of an integrated access-control system is vital for self storage units. This will inform you about people on or off site.

Radio Frequency Technology – Best Security System to Identify Illicit Shifting of Goods

Most storage units today utilize the Radio Frequency Technology, an effective tool that keeps belongings secure. Tiny RFID tags are used in this security system to monitor your belongings effectively. These tags are attached to every item you store. Door scanners recognize RFID tags immediately and give you an indication about illegitimate shifting of merchandise. An alarm rings in case your goods are moved from one place to another illegally.

Please your customers by offering them these enhanced security systems in self storage units. This will help you boost your business and retain customer base. Leave aside your worries about the security of valuable possessions by opting for secure self storage units.

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Ways To Use Self Storage For Business


It is no longer a secret that today, many enterprising people are using self storage as a place to keep their stocks. Whether they’re startups or have already established their business, many are finding storage facilities helpful, affordable and convenient.

Business owners who have stocks to keep often use self storage these days over renting a commercial space. Those who do business online are regular customers as well. With no physical shop to show their products, owners prefer to store their stocks in facilities where they can be kept safe round the clock.

Here are some ideas on the types of business that can benefit from these storage facilities.

Wedding Gowns and Suits for Hire

Most probably, you have a brick and mortar shop where you display samples of wedding gowns and suits for couples wanting to get married. But if you have a limited space and you have items that don’t need to be displayed at your shop or are in the off hire, it’s a good idea to store them in self storage. This way, you maintain a commercial area free from clutter and keep your items in a safe place.

Make sure you use rails and hangers and you install shelves in the unit to organize everything there. Separate the gowns from the other outfits for easy access and ensure that they’re covered properly. You don’t want them to gather dust there, would you?

An option if you have extra budget is to rent a climate controlled unit. This is if you feel your items are delicate and need to be well protected from extreme changes in temperature.

Vintage Home Decors and Furniture

If you’re operating an online business and are selling medium to large size items, it may help you to rent a self storage unit. You will definitely need a safe place to keep your stocks and a storage facility is a perfect solution.

Some entrepreneurs who sell vintage items on the internet enjoy their business success. By conveniently selling their stuff in the comfort of their own, it’s so easy to just get what your customers ordered and then ship them right away after leaving the facility. No need to stock them up in your home.

Music Lessons

If you’re passion is teaching young people to play musical instruments, you can set up a studio at a self storage unit. Just make sure you are clear first about the policy of the facility. Ask the staff or the manager if they allow a unit to be used as a studio where you do your music lessons.

Normally, facilities don’t mind what you do with your unit as long as you don’t disturb the other tenants and you pay your monthly fee promptly. At least with this set up, you have a fixed place where your students can go to in order to pursue their music lessons. You just need to set a specific time during which to do them.

You may have other business ideas in mind other than these. What’s important is you ask the facility’s management first about their rules and regulations in using their units.

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The Benefits of Self-Storage Units for Businesses

By Kathryn Lively

When we think of self-storage units, we tend to associate them more with our personal needs. We may downsize to a smaller home or prepare to move, and rent a unit to hold furniture and other belongings until we’re ready to claim them again. In business, one also requires space in which to work comfortably. When situations change at work, you may not consider renting a unit to hold surplus equipment, but it is a good idea if you plan to grow your company.

Shop around local storage rental facilities, and you’ll find some do cater to commercial operations. While not all have actual space where one can run a place of business from their property, there is the opportunity to rent space for a variety of purposes.

Why would you need off-site storage for your company. Consider these benefits:

1) Storage can help with relocation. Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to move in order to expand or downsize to suit your needs. If you can’t afford to shut down operations while you move, and your new location isn’t prepared, you can use storage as a temporary solution while you make the transition. Move away parts of the office until you’re able to transfer completely.

2) Storage helps as your business fluctuates. If you are forced to downsize due to various circumstances but are reluctant to get rid of surplus equipment and furniture, you can store what you do not need at the moment. As your company rebounds and/or you hire more workers, you simply get what you need.

3) If you are responsible for shipping products and don’t have the inventory to justify leasing a warehouse, smaller storage units may better suit your budget. Using an off-site property to hold your products is also a good idea so your assets are not all in the same place. Storage rental facilities often offer 24-hour security, so you know your inventory is protected.

4) Using storage for commercial purposes could be tax deductible. Consult with your accountant to confirm.

It is also possible that your local storage business may offer you a special rate for commercial needs. Research the possibilities in your area. If a company has more than one location, you may also find it advantageous to have units in more than one place if your business calls for it.

Self-storage may be a viable option for local businesses. Know your options and get a great deal.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Norfolk self-storage facilities and Chesapeake self-storage facilities.

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Self-Storage: What To Do?

By Kelvin A Smith

Self-storage can prove to be useful on a number of occasions. You might want to renovate your house or office, or you might be in the process of relocating. Thus, you will need some place to store your things. This is when self-storage comes in handy. However, you need to look into a few things while storing your items:

Make Lists: Before jumping into storing, make lists of the things that you need for packing, for instance, boxes, wraps, tape, pens, etc. Also, make a list of the items you want to store and categorize them accordingly. If you are stumped about how to store your items, contact a storehouse expert.

Conduct a Thorough Search: Do not choose the first storage facility that you find. Look around and visit a few storage facilities to see which services they offer. Good storage facility will offer a plethora of services.

Read the Contract Carefully: Before signing the contract, read it carefully to ensure that you are familiar with all the clauses, thus preventing any misunderstanding between you and the company. Clarify/discuss anything that you find confusing or erroneous.

Transportation: Transporting items to the facility is an important part of the process. Ask the company if they render moving services. Some companies will move your items free of charge while others will charge you a small fee.
Organization Within The Storage Unit

Once you have gone through the steps given above, and your items have reached the storage facility, you need to organize your items within the storage unit to ensure ease of access and maximum utilization of space. Put the larger items on the bottom, with the smaller ones on top. Similarly, place the items that you need most at the front.

While organizing, ask the experts for advice: During the physical process of storing your items, ask the company’s employees for help. Since they are more experienced than you, they will provide you with some useful tips and help you save some time and space.

Make sure that your things are properly protected. Before locking your unit, make sure that you have protected your items well. In other words, you could place wooden boards or pallets on the storage floor to make sure that there will be no scratching, and make sure that individual items have been packed properly. For instance, mirrors and china should be packed in protective layers of bubble wrap or papers.

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Identifying the Best Storage Solution While Moving

Identifying the Best Storage Solution While Moving
By Robin Mackenzie

Are you planning to move to a new location? Be it shifting your home or business, moving can be a tedious and time consuming process for you both emotionally and physically. It can be tough to part with the place where you had been living so long. It is very natural to get emotionally attached with the people who would have known you for years. There will be times when you might recollect all the fond memories of the past. Moving means a lot for those who have not shifted to new places very frequently. Now that you have finally decided to shift, here are a few ideas that might come in handy for you during this process.

Being organized is the key to any successful process. Especially when it comes to moving, you need to make sure that you have a neat plan listed out on your notepad or personal digital organizer. Keep making a cross mark on the tasks as you complete them one by one. Packing all your household goods requires ample time and space. So the quicker you start, the better it will be for you. Delicate goods need some extra care and attention while being packed. Leave only the most essential items that you will be requiring till the last moment. Make sure the rest are neatly packed. There will be the challenge of identifying the type of goods once you are done with packing. So, don’t forget to write down the names of the goods as and when you pack. This way you can make sure where to place them.

Try not to compromise on the quality of packing because at the end of the day, you have to make sure that they are delivered to the destination without any damage. Then comes the herculean task of shipping the goods. You need to make sure that you approach the best moving company. Sometimes, it so happens that you might have sold your old apartment way ahead in advance and your goods are left with no place to be stored. In such a scenario, the need arises for a temporary location to store all your precious items. Once this task is accomplished, there comes the shipping part.

If you are planning to shift to a nearby location, you can approach the local movers in your area and things can be taken care of. However if most of your goods are expensive and prone to damage easily, then you need to approach the professional movers who are well equipped to handle such challenges. Long distance movers are the right people to be approached when the distance is more. Let’s take into consideration a situation where shipping needs to be halted. It could be because of climate change such heavy winds or a sudden downpour. Such hindrances are completely unavoidable. It is advisable to choose moving companies with a reliable storage solution in such cases. They help in storing all your items in a temporary store house which is safe and secure. You can thereby make sure that the whole process of shifting is absolutely safe and risk free.

Robin Mackenzie is a freelancer. She loves travelling to new destinations using help from Storage Solution. She is always on the lookout for new locations and studies a lot about the culture and life style of people living in different parts of the globe.

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6 Convenient Things About Self Storage

By Derick Ng

In this fast and furious lifestyle today, convenience is the key thing everyone is looking for. We want to do everything with the touch of a button. We want to be able to do everything on the go. We want everything to be fast and easily accessed. This is the same for self storage. We want self storage to be easily accessible around the clock and located in a convenient place.


Self storage units are often located in easily accessible places that are near to the MRT station or bus stops. You do not have to go specially out of the way just to access your items and you can save both time and fuel cost.


Self storage facilities offers comprehensive security around the premises and your belongings are guaranteed by the company. There are state of the art security cameras and security alarms with regular patrols by security guards round the clock.

Access your belongings anytime

With self storage, you can access your belongings practically anytime you desire without the need to adhere to normal office hours. You can access your items early in the morning or late at night. This is the convenient thing about self storage.

Pay for what you need

When you use self storage, you only pay for what you need. Different storage sizes have different prices and if you are using normal warehouse storage, you will have to pay for the entire warehouse regardless of how much space you actually use. However when you utilise self storage, you determine what you need and you simply pay for that. It’s that simple.

Long or short term rental

You can choose whether to rent long term or short term when you use self storage. There is not really any minimum or maximum period that you can rent it. Be it for a one week storage or for a year, self storage is able to meet all your needs.

Store anything

You can store practically anything with self storage. If you are using normal storage, you may need to store different items at different locations depending on the storage requirements of your item. For example, you need to store your limited edition art pieces in containers with temperature and moisture control to prevent any damages. Self storage facilities offer different containers with different configurations and you can store all of your items at one place, diminishing the need for different storage locations.

The pros of self storage outweighs any possible cons and it makes your storage much more easier. You can save not only time but also money. You also have the flexibility to access your items anytime you want.

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How Self Storage Helps You De-Clutter Your Life

By Franke Mor

Stacks of stuff that is not commonly used but is still not given away or thrown are present in every home. The stuff keeps piling up owing to an extravagant shopping spree, varying business needs, stuff becoming obsolete due to changing trends, etc. Problem arises when a person cannot throw away or dump this material. This could be because the things could be precious, may have some fond memories associated or may have a chance at being used in the future. But at the same time removal of these goods from the house is very important as amassing useless stuff around brings in stress in life and is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

A great opportunity is present in the form of storage spaces for taking care of the additional stuff that is creating a mess in the house. This concept gives the user an option to sieve out the unused and little used stuff that is taking too much space in his home and store it in special, secure and personal storage spaces, thus making the house less cluttered and creating enough space for the useful items and decorative pieces. Such storage spaces are available on rent or on lease.

The early nineties saw the inception and subsequent growth in popularity of such storage houses, as they served the purpose of safe storage spaces for individual as well as businesses and office material. The storage houses today have come off age and not only provide a clean, safe and convenient place for storing your goods, but also give you an option to have your goods packed, transported and securely moved-in into the storage house. Some storage houses also receive freight deliveries for customers. The staff at such storage units is generally highly experienced in handling all kinds of goods – from furniture to boats to temperature and humidity sensitive material. Several help manuals and guidelines are available to help you with the storage process.

The self storage units are available in different sizes and varying security options, giving the customers the option to choose storage spaces according to their needs. A number of facilities have been incorporated these days in most storage spaces, including but not limited to 24 hour surveillance, round the clock gate access, individual door alarms, computer controlled gates, etc. Integration of technology has greatly improved and thus benefitted the self storage industry.

One should put in some thought before deciding on the apt place to store one’s goods, keeping in mind the pocket friendliness of the space, security and other perks available.

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Introduction To Self Storage: What It Is and How It Works

By Johnny Kilroy

What is Self Storage?

Self storage is also known as mini storage. It is the renting out of storage space to interested tenants (individual tenants to private businesses) on a monthly basis. This practice started out in the US, and is mostly practiced there. The space can be in the form of rooms, containers, lockers and outdoor space in which tenants can store and access their goods whenever they need them.

The storage units are mainly made of corrugated materials. Usually windowless, the units are lockable and only the renter can have access to the rooms. Furthermore, the units can be unlocked by rolling up the metal door that covers the unit.

In case you’re worried about your valuables’ security, worry not because there are security measures which are employed to ensure enough safety of individual units. These measures vary from one storage to the other, and some of them include the following: security guards, door alarms, and security cameras. More expensive and more advanced units use a biometric system (such as thumb print verification and a hand scanner) to ensure that only the person who is renting the unit has access to it.

Storage units come with a variety of facilities and features. For instance, some storage units are normally climate-controlled to prevent goods from getting spoiled, and some even have an outdoor storage for boats. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a unit with and electricity inside.

How Does it Work?

The person interested in storing goods looks for a storage unit that suits his needs and rents it. The terms and conditions vary depending on what the self storage owners require. For instance, some owners allow their customers to have 24-hour access to their units, while others want other terms. But in general, the space of the unit will be given according to the amount of goods and the nature of goods. The things that can be stored in a storage unit include strong household goods, excess inventory and archived records.

If a tenant fails to pay for the rental charges for a long time, his goods are normally auctioned to pay for the charges and in case he pays he can reclaim his goods. In auctioning bidders are invited whereby they purchase the goods and resell them at a profit.

Things to Consider When Renting a Unit

When renting a storage unit, here are a few things to consider.

First, there are many storage units all over the place. One can get whatever he wants depending on his needs. Storage units vary in price according to many factors such as type, size, shape, and place among others. So take your time to find the best one that fits your needs.

Second, self storage is different from a warehouse in that in self storage facilities the employees do not have access to the storage units while in warehouse they have access.

Third, self storage is gaining popularity as more people are venturing into the business. As the demand grows, the competition gets stiffer, and more self storage facilities are being constructed to meet the demand. So if you’re business savvy, you can haggle your way to a cheap but complete storage unit.

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10 Tips for Selecting a Self-Storage Facility

By Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D., MSW

At some point in almost everyone’s life, they need to use a storage facility for short- or long-term storage of household or business items. Are all public storage facilities created equal? Heck no. This article focuses on the top 10 items to consider when selecting a place to store you valuable belongings. After all, whatever you are storing must have some meaning or value to you or you wouldn’t be keeping it, right?

1. Location: One of the most important factors in considering a storage unit is where it is located. The storage facility should be conveniently located close to major freeways or highways and be somewhere in the vicinity of where you live or work (or in between) for ease of access. If you are moving and need short-term storage, consider the advantages of selecting a site that is closer to your old home or business or closer to the new one.

2. Security: Improvements in technology mean that security should be one of the most important criteria you take into account in selecting where to store your household or business items. The newer storage facilities provide high-tech security systems such as matching your gate access code to you individual storage unit. This means that when you enter the grounds and open the access gate, the same number you use to enter also unlocks your storage unit and then rearms it when you enter your code to exit the facility.

By the way, the most secure facilities should definitely have access gates and tall surrounding fences or walls. Another important security feature is video surveillance that record activity within and around the units. Finally, on-site managers help to ensure that your items are stored safely.

3. Insurance Protection: Most modern public storage facilities have storage insurance available if you do not already have your items covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. Although there is a small likelihood that you will ever need it, catastrophic and other unforeseen events can happen.

4. Access Hours: Most quality storage facilities limit access to certain hours of the day. You will want to factor this into your decision so you have maximum access to your unit. Ideally, you should be able to access you unit seven days a week from early morning until well after 5:00 p.m. One thing to keep in mind: self-storage facilities that are open 24 hours are more likely to attract folks trying to live in their unit which is probably not what you want in a secure facility.

5. Pest Management: Depending on where you live, there may be a need for you to inquire about insects, mice, and rat management. Newer facilities tend to have fewer problems with pests but it is still important to ask the facility you are considering what their pest management protocol is.

6. Variety of Unit Sizes: If you have a small amount of items you want to store, that last thing you need is a unit the size of a one car garage. Self-storage facilities generally offer a range of unit sizes to their customers for both small and extra large needs such as furnishings for the entire household, auto and boat storage, and business files and supplies. With a selection to choose from to meet your needs, you don’t have to pay for more than you need or try to stuff a small unit from floor to ceiling. When that happens, you increase the chance that you have to unpack the entire unit just to find one item.

7. Outside Storage: If you need to store an RV or other large vehicle, make sure the facility you select has the type of space you want. Some storage lots even provide covered parking for boat storage and RV storage.

8. Supportive Services: Most storage facilities provide a range of supportive services and supplies. They usually sell boxes and tape at a minimum but others will also have mattress, sofa, and chair covers for sale as well. Similarly, storage businesses also have dollies and carts they lend or rent to their customers. Whether you purchase boxes and coverings from your public storage facility or not, make sure to enclose your items well to best protect them from weather-related, dust or other damage.

9. Community Minded and Courteous Staff: The best storage facilities are operated by community minded folks who give back to the communities they serve. Self-storage facilities that offer a discount to seniors, those in the military and other folks who may be more subject to hard financial situations says something about their business philosophy. Facilities that accept deliveries are also an added bonus.

Like with all services, it is always best to do business with friendly, professional staff members. Although most of your interactions after you sign out will not involve much interaction with facility staff, it is always nice to know that customer service is a priority for any facility you select.

10. Terms of Service: In most cases, month-to-month rental of storage units is the preferred method of storage units. By selecting a month-to-month storage facility, you have the flexibility to set-up monthly payments in the event of longer needs without having to worry about entering into a contract you end up not needed.

With these resources in mind, you can find the perfect storage solution to meet your business or home storage needs.

Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D. is a writer with a vast array of subject matter expertise. This article is written on behalf of 21st South Storage, a new, high quality storage facility in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. See at http://www.21southstorage.com

Dr. Stevens works for Be Locally SEO.

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