Features & Benefits

  1. Reduce your costs:
    Our variety of products range in sizes from 20' to 53'. The monthly costs of these units can reduce your rental costs to as low as $1.80/sq ft gross. One trailer from EMSS could save you as much as $5000.00/year in rental costs. Your cost reductions could be enormous.
  2. Save as much as $5,200 per trailer vs. conventional storage space:
    Each 1000 sq ft of storage @ $1.80/sq ft /yr vs. $5.00/ft/yr plus tmi of $2.00/sq.ft. for conventional storage space could save you as much as $5200/year per trailer.
  3. Save $50,000 in capital costs per buildable 1,000 sq. ft.:
    Each rented 1000 sq. ft trailer could save $50,000 of construction capital at $50 per buildable sq/ft, less the rental factor year one of $1,800. Potentially free up capital or collateral that would be tied up to execute a long-term conventional real estate lease or to-be-built construction project for primary business needs.
  4. Increase your control over your storage needs:
    EMSS provides quick delivery to your door of any product you require. Our storage equipment can stay at your site or be placed. in our fully secure storage facility. Either option allows you to have complete control over your stored products. In addition, whether you keep your product on site our in our storage facility , you will significantly reduce your loading/deliver costs and eliminate the travel time to get to your stored goods. All these features provide you complete control over your stored product.
  5. Increase sales and reduce marketing costs:
    Our products can provide strategically placed advertising at a fraction of the cost of traditional sign and billboard advertising.
  6. We will not be undersold:
    EMSS is dedicated to providing our clients with the most creative and cost effective storage solutions in the marketplace. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD.
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