Rent Reduction Program

  1. EMSS reduces storage rental costs by as much as 75%
  2. EMSS eliminates 100% of utility costs
  3. EMSS frees up capital: no first and last months deposit
  4. EMSS reduces long term lease liabilities by up to 100%
  5. EMSS provides 100% cost certainty
  6. EMSS guarantees the flexibility to expand or contract your storage space instantly
  7. EMSS guarantees 100% access where you control your storage needs
  8. Do not build or expand existing facilities
  9. Reduce your transportation and handling costs by 50% or more
  10. Reduce your 3rd party warehousing costs up to 60%
  11. EMSS guarantees all promised benefits for all companies within a 175km range of the GTA

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